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Now Available

With Phase 1 already completely sold out, and lots rapidly selling in phase 2 and phase 3, the time to secure your spot is now.

Lots range from 1-2+ acres and offer a private country setting for your dream home.

Site Plan

Over 65% of Phase 2 & 3 sold

Explore our interactive, up-to-date site plan highlighting the remaining availability at Baron Heights

Construction Requirements

Construction on lots shall be subject to the following construction requirements:

  • One detached single-family house (bungalow) shall have a minimum of 1,700 SF on the main floor. 

  • Garage area not included. One detached two-storey house shall have a minimum of 900 SF per floor.

  • Garage area not included in SF.

  • The house shall have at least a double car garage.

Please get in touch for the full list of restrictive covenants.

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